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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Cover Chapter 3: Crash Course

Chapter Three – Crash Course

Chapter Three – Crash Course published on 1 Comment on Chapter Three – Crash Course
Now that we’ve finished the first 2 chapters
it might be helpful if I give some perspective
and clear up some questions that might arise
from reading through them.
As many have already guessed this comic
is inspired and very loosely based on a well known
sci-fi setting.
When this setting started out it mirrored
a lot of aspects from a fantasy setting.
Many of the classic fantasy races were added.
Including dwarfs.
But when the setting evolved and was expanded upon
it became it’s own beast with it’s own distinct
and darker direction.
The developers really didn’t know what to do
with the dwarfs, who up until that point were more
comedy relief than anything else.
So they dropped them… completely.
Only getting a small reference somewhere
that roughly said: They were all eaten by aliens. The End.
The first 2 chapters are a HUGE wink to this
sudden “disappearance”.
With this in mind it’s no surprise some events
seem extremely sudden and the odds weirdly stacked
against our short heroes.
I hope this clears up some potential
plot holes and questions some of you readers
might have.
Now full throttle into chapter 3!

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