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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Cover Chapter 1: Bug Out

Chapter One – Bug Out

Chapter One – Bug Out published on 7 Comments on Chapter One – Bug Out
Finally… FINALLY we can start Beardy Bastards again!
About damn time.
To make a long story a bit shorter about why we suddenly disappeared into the gaping cold void,
seemingly to never appear again; we were forced to stop our comic.
And no, this wasn’t because of a cease and desist from a certain big company…
Which would make for a much better story regrettably.
The comic simply wasn’t making enough money to justify the time investment.
Add a few unexpected setbacks right after we had to stop and it resulted in a complete silence for a long while.
And you know how it goes, the longer you wait the harder it gets to start up again.
Now add in some annoying perfectionism and any progress grinds to an halt.
If we wanted to get Beardy Bastards up and running again we wanted to make sure we did it right.
In the meantime we were amazed how many people kept asking us about the comic.
Even years after we went silent we still got many requests and encouragements.
You guys really helped to keep the dream of this comic alive!
We sincerely want to thank all those people who haven’t forgotten us
and apologize if we didn’t reply to your personal messages.
For a long time we simply didn’t know if the comic still had a future…
But we’re stubborn, like dwarves, so here we are again!
Trying to make an advantage out of a disadvantage we decided to restart the comic.
V2.0 so to speak.
This means we can give the whole comic a good face-lift and add extra content
where we thought the story was being rushed.
There’s that perfectionism again, damnit.
We figured it’s been long enough for even the most dedicated readers
that a re-read from the start won’t be a problem.
We also reformatted the comic into full page updates instead of only one or two rows of content.
Besides looking a lot better it also makes it much easier to get the comic printed eventually.
Like I said, we want to do it right this time.
This means thinking much bigger and planning ahead.
We’ll start with 2 updates a week to get the updated chapters up as fast as possible
before we’ll switch to 1 update a week for the new content.
We’re really excited to get going again.
Welcome back to the Beardy Bastards!

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Hot damn! It is good to see this comic back! So often the “void” swallows the comic whole, never to be seen again. So ::lifts pint:: here’s to more of the delightfully stubborn heroes! And to the creative team! Coming back is no small task! Proust!

I certainly have not forgotten you, BeardyBastards! It’s been years, yes, but how often do you encounter a comic about dwarves IN SPACE? Well, it would certainly be more if the squats where still a thing in a certain company’s lore, but such is life.
So then, just got your email (I only check my mail when I have a reason to, hence me being a month late to the party) and I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with your foul-mouthed, hard as nails motherfuckers of a crew.

Let the good times roll (rock and roll that is)!

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