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Beardy Bastards Webcomic - Episode 65: Code Orange - Part 1Beardy Bastards Webcomic - Episode 65: Code Orange - Part 2Beardy Bastards Webcomic - Episode 65: Code Orange - Part 3Beardy Bastards Webcomic - Episode 65: Code Orange - Part 4

065 – Code Orange

065 – Code Orange published on 11 Comments on 065 – Code Orange
Well, that explains a lot now doesn’t it?!
Yeah, I’ve had this idea for a while now…
About 2 years indeed… Howdya guess that?!
And it’s still perfectly fitting after all that time…
I originally wanted to hide this joke somewhere inside
the comic in a much more subtle way but this works
just as well I think (if not better).
Anyway, thanks for reading guys!
I really like to hear how you experience
this new wargaming comic format.
So please drop a line in the comments section!
For those of you who already did so on the previous comic,
thanks so much for your awesomeness!

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Hey, is there any relationship between your comic and Ghost Ship Games? Their Deep Rock Galactic seems very similar to your comic, but maybe you both were inspired by the same source? It just seems an incredible coincidence, especially with the obsession with beards and skulls and such.

IF this IS something you’re involved in, I hope you make a pile of bucks!

Oh, crap. I hope you guys are okay…

I just hope that things are alright, this is the second or third time they just went dark out of the blue. The first time was during Christmas time many years back, the second was a few pages after the crash and now this sadly.
Just wish they get back to us soon at least in SOME form. I tried poking on twitter but no answer is coming from looks of it.

I declare this comic dead once again.
I don’t blame them for dropping it for whatever reason again. I blame myself for letting them to play with my heart and for letting myself to hope. It’s been a good year and a half with no word or response, maybe they have survived the covid and turn this stone over again in another six months.

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