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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 3 Page 57: Boarbeque

057 – Boarbeque

057 – Boarbeque published on 8 Comments on 057 – Boarbeque
We did it!
All first 3 chapters completely
reformatted and pimped out!
It was a lot of work but worth it
in my opinion.
But the search for the perfect
comic-reading and doing-dwarfs
-justice experience never ends…
The comic was originally designed
with printing in mind but this
isn’t really compatible with easy access
and reading on your phone.
To this end we’ll make some slight
changes to the setup of the comic
to make it perfectly readable on small
phone screens.
We’ll take a short 2 week break
to iron out the details before we
begin with chapter 4.
But don’t you worry…
We’ll be back (this time).

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Well you made it this far and the strip looks fantastic. Published or not, this is still an achievement so I say take a couple of weeks, sure! Plan, enjoy the work done, then GET ON WITH THE DAMNED COMIC!!!!! 😛

If you crowd source for printing I shall certainly throw some money at you, and I’m certain I could have a few of my friends do the same if it meant us each getting a shiney physical medium to put on our shelves with the other comics and graphic novels of our various collections.

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