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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 3 Page 55: Gaze of Zorc

055 – Gaze of Zorc

055 – Gaze of Zorc published on 2 Comments on 055 – Gaze of Zorc
Only 2 more comics to go and
we’ve reached a new chapter!
I’m really looking forward
to create completely
new material and advancing
the story-line.
*gleefully rubs hands together*

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Nearly there dude, keep it up!

Been eagerly awaiting new content since the ‘hiatus’ at about this point first time around! On a sidenote, my mum always told me shrooms were bad for me, if they’d been poisoned blow-dart wielding ninja shrooms I would have likely paid more attention

….life lessons learned @ Beardy Bastards

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