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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 2 Page 26: Blue

026 – Blue

026 – Blue published on 2 Comments on 026 – Blue
What happens when you coop up a bunch of dwarves
in a tin can with nothing to do (and no booze) …?
To give some context as for character building;
I don’t imagine Lokhar doing anything too offensive…
just show his affection in a “flamboyant” manner.
As far as he’s concerned Valya clearly showed
what she thinks of it. No (real) harm done so to speak
and they can just go on with business as usual.
Crude dwarven logic at work really.
The interesting part is that Valya has no reservation
in a direct and “effective” response.
And no other dwarf (male or female) will hold that against her.

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