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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 2 Page 23: Tough Choices

023 – Tough Choices

023 – Tough Choices published on 3 Comments on 023 – Tough Choices
To answer a question from the last comic;
(and because I’m glad someone noticed it!)
Most characters are indeed slightly tweaked,
changed or sometimes entirely remade
if needed.
And yes… especially the female faces have
gotten considerable face-lifts.
I have to admit that female faces are not my
strong suit.
Especially because I don’t want them too “cute”
or too “crude” looking either.
That middle-ground is harder to get right
than it seems.

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I’m using Vivaldi browser version 1.13.1008.30 to read your strip today. In your comment section for the strip, some other text is overlapped with “Comments are welcome: Click here to view the full post with comments section – Thank you!”, making part of the text difficult to read. I took a screen cap if you’d like it, just let me now what email address to use.

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