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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 14: Lady Killers

014 – Lady Killers

014 – Lady Killers published on 1 Comment on 014 – Lady Killers
What if Thekki and Valya didn’t reach the docking bays at that exact moment?
If the big alien wasn’t distracted by them and didn’t turn just long enough
for Brokk to get a headshot at the right angle?
Could they have held out long enough to get in their ship?
They might be all cool and calm about it…
but what if they were on the point of being overrun?
The untold stories are often the most fascinating aren’t they?

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I don’t enjoy being critical and am quite hesitant doing so, but… Valya in panel1 just looks awful. She’s crosseyed, emaciated, has puffy-botox lips, her skull is elongated and looks nothing like her usual self, and her hand proportions are completely off. Hagrima also has botox lips syndrome (her upper lip looks swollen – in stark contrast with the cast page where she looks great), but at least it’s not as bad as Valya’s.

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