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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 7: Batter Up!

007 – Batter Up!

007 – Batter Up! published on 4 Comments on 007 – Batter Up!
And the action keeps rolling along…
This page is a rather uncomplicated combination
of 2 older comics but we thought that Rungnir deserved
a bit more attention so we added a “glory shot”.
His few seconds of heroic fame so to speak.
It also helps with the flow and tension of the moment
and makes for a better full page setup.
RIP brave little dwarf.
That’s what you get for putting on a red shirt in the morning.

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I too had given up hope. This is a brilliant comic and I look forward to going past where it stopped. No spoilers for the new readers from me 😉 or are you going to change the story line. Either way it is good to see the (not so) cute little fellas and lasses back again.

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