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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 5: Understatement

005 – Understatement

005 – Understatement published on 5 Comments on 005 – Understatement
This comic is a great example of how putting old art-work in a new format
suddenly isn’t that simple anymore…
What should have been a quick combination of two comics became a total redoing of the panels,
some characters and most of the text. But the end result is a much better comic page.
Or at least, I hope so!
I also wanted to thank everybody for the warm welcome
and tremendous positive support for our little comic so far.
Thanks guys!

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So… where exactly is the line on language? In the same speech bubble, you say “shit”, but not… whatever is worse? I’m not complaining, I’m just a little confused.

There’s not really a “line” on language in a comic called “Beardy BASTARDS”
But in this particular phrase of speech the word shit literally means faeces and the shocked outcry following it really is… colorful profanity for your own imagination to fill in.
And using the same profanity filter twice in a sentence could potentially cause more confusion.

I hope this explanation isn’t too shitty 😉

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