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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 1: Dwarf Stars

001 – Dwarf Stars

001 – Dwarf Stars published on 5 Comments on 001 – Dwarf Stars
When we decided to reformat the comic we knew we had our work cut out for us.
Especially the first chapter needed loads of re-drawing of the panels
and extra content to make the whole story run much smoother.
This first comic is a good example.
It started out as artwork for background info on the site.
But we decided it served much better as an intro for the comic itself.
Especially as to add more contrast to the next comic that was the original “first” comic.
On another note;
Have you noticed that in the last few years
there’s an ever so slight rise in “space dwarves” presence out there?
I’ve seen them mentioned more on the web lately.
And the last few months several small miniature companies
have started their own space dwarf lines.
Maybe it’s a sign? 😉

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Apparently the ‘big company’ left a void to be filled by space dwarf enthusiasts? This is still the only comic on the subject that I know of, and it’s nice to see it resurface!

In the second caption box I see a “galaxtic” which I believe is supposed to be “galactic”, like in the first caption box. Go go perfectionism!

I blame (praise) ArchWarhammer and the other YouTube 40k loremasters for this rise in space darfness.

I read BeardyBastards before I really sunk my teeth deep into the filling meal that is 40k lore, but the squats seem to have a special place in the hearts of fans, and cannon or not, they haven’t been forgotten. With a slew of 40k lore videos in the last few years, the interest in space dwarfiness has palpably risen. Either that or the DF forums concocted some mad scheme to bring dwarf fortresses to space. Either-or.

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