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Meet the cast

Long beards, short stories

Valya's avatar


A young woman who hasn’t found her place in the strictly organized society of the stronghold yet. Going from one job to another she has a knack for getting in trouble… a lot.

She’s just been assigned to her worst job yet: inspection duties on waste disposal somewhere near the space docks.

Thekki's avatar


A geologist who feels perfectly at home on the harsh surface doing research most wouldn’t even consider of any importance.

Ironically he’s one of the first to discover the full scope and danger of the alien invasion. His first reports and warning have been dismissed by the authorities however…

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A well known and successful mining engineer who has just accepted to lend his expertise to another stronghold for a special tunneling project.

Normally he wouldn’t dream of leaving his beloved workshop but the honor was too great to decline the offer.

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An experienced longbeard and retired bio-engineer who has decided to accompany Brokk on his journey to, as he would say it; “make sure he doesn’t screw up”…

But unspoken between them he’s extremely proud of his son.

Another truth he’d rather not tell is that he’s quite reluctant to leave the stronghold, having lived there his whole life.

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Most inhabitants of the stronghold want to have their feet firmly planted on the ground. Preferably a few hundred feet below the surface.

Hargrima is one of the few pilots around and proud of it like her mother before her.

But after “disrespectful” behaviour against her superior she is stuck to an old transporter doing boring short distance runs.

She’s convinced it’s just a temporary set-back.

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A retired veteran who started his own bar some years ago with the plan to settle down and have some peace and quiet for a change…

Unfortunately his bar hasn’t been going so well and he was forced to sell it some months ago. Deciding that settling down just wasn’t for him he arranged the first flight to another stronghold.

Now he’s drinking his last money away before the journey.

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