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Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 8: Perspective

008 – Perspective

008 – Perspective published on 3 Comments on 008 – Perspective
In this comic I wanted to add a panel to show the bug alien point of view.
Of course heavily inspired by the Alien movies and more precisely
the Alien vs Predator games.
A very similar look was used to show
the weird and focused vision from the aliens.
If they succeeded without it giving players an headache after
looking at it for a while is another story entirely…
Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 7: Batter Up!

007 – Batter Up!

007 – Batter Up! published on 4 Comments on 007 – Batter Up!
And the action keeps rolling along…
This page is a rather uncomplicated combination
of 2 older comics but we thought that Rungnir deserved
a bit more attention so we added a “glory shot”.
His few seconds of heroic fame so to speak.
It also helps with the flow and tension of the moment
and makes for a better full page setup.
RIP brave little dwarf.
That’s what you get for putting on a red shirt in the morning.
Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 6: Paper Cut

006 – Papercut

006 – Papercut published on 1 Comment on 006 – Papercut
It’s friday again!?
For all you readers that are struggling to get through
the last few working hours of the week…
You can also reach the comic at
For those of you who might be somewhat “restricted”
at what to look for on your work pc
and all that silly stuff. 😉
Have fun with the comic!
Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 5: Understatement

005 – Understatement

005 – Understatement published on 5 Comments on 005 – Understatement
This comic is a great example of how putting old art-work in a new format
suddenly isn’t that simple anymore…
What should have been a quick combination of two comics became a total redoing of the panels,
some characters and most of the text. But the end result is a much better comic page.
Or at least, I hope so!
I also wanted to thank everybody for the warm welcome
and tremendous positive support for our little comic so far.
Thanks guys!
Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 2: Worst Case Scenario

002 – Worst Case Scenario

002 – Worst Case Scenario published on 2 Comments on 002 – Worst Case Scenario
Welcome back dwarf fans!
This particular comic was pretty easy to reformat.
The old material was already in full page length so we could ad the camera
feeds to up the tension and give a glimpse of what’s going on.
This comic is also meant as a hint as to where most of the first chapter will play out;
in the maintenance corridors of the stronghold.
Most of it restricted to the general population.
Meaning you won’t see many dwarves or the full scope and splendor of the stronghold.
Which is, of course, on purpose.
Beardy Bastards webcomic - Chapter 1 Page 1: Dwarf Stars

001 – Dwarf Stars

001 – Dwarf Stars published on 5 Comments on 001 – Dwarf Stars
When we decided to reformat the comic we knew we had our work cut out for us.
Especially the first chapter needed loads of re-drawing of the panels
and extra content to make the whole story run much smoother.
This first comic is a good example.
It started out as artwork for background info on the site.
But we decided it served much better as an intro for the comic itself.
Especially as to add more contrast to the next comic that was the original “first” comic.
On another note;
Have you noticed that in the last few years
there’s an ever so slight rise in “space dwarves” presence out there?
I’ve seen them mentioned more on the web lately.
And the last few months several small miniature companies
have started their own space dwarf lines.
Maybe it’s a sign? 😉
Beardy Bastards webcomic - Cover Chapter 1: Bug Out

Chapter One – Bug Out

Chapter One – Bug Out published on 7 Comments on Chapter One – Bug Out
Finally… FINALLY we can start Beardy Bastards again!
About damn time.
To make a long story a bit shorter about why we suddenly disappeared into the gaping cold void,
seemingly to never appear again; we were forced to stop our comic.
And no, this wasn’t because of a cease and desist from a certain big company…
Which would make for a much better story regrettably.
The comic simply wasn’t making enough money to justify the time investment.
Add a few unexpected setbacks right after we had to stop and it resulted in a complete silence for a long while.
And you know how it goes, the longer you wait the harder it gets to start up again.
Now add in some annoying perfectionism and any progress grinds to an halt.
If we wanted to get Beardy Bastards up and running again we wanted to make sure we did it right.
In the meantime we were amazed how many people kept asking us about the comic.
Even years after we went silent we still got many requests and encouragements.
You guys really helped to keep the dream of this comic alive!
We sincerely want to thank all those people who haven’t forgotten us
and apologize if we didn’t reply to your personal messages.
For a long time we simply didn’t know if the comic still had a future…
But we’re stubborn, like dwarves, so here we are again!
Trying to make an advantage out of a disadvantage we decided to restart the comic.
V2.0 so to speak.
This means we can give the whole comic a good face-lift and add extra content
where we thought the story was being rushed.
There’s that perfectionism again, damnit.
We figured it’s been long enough for even the most dedicated readers
that a re-read from the start won’t be a problem.
We also reformatted the comic into full page updates instead of only one or two rows of content.
Besides looking a lot better it also makes it much easier to get the comic printed eventually.
Like I said, we want to do it right this time.
This means thinking much bigger and planning ahead.
We’ll start with 2 updates a week to get the updated chapters up as fast as possible
before we’ll switch to 1 update a week for the new content.
We’re really excited to get going again.
Welcome back to the Beardy Bastards!

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